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Bearing can not be exposed in the air, the warehouse should be kept clean and dry,the relative humidity of storage air is less than 55%, and the temperature must be appropriate.Bearing that be striped of packing and dose not be used temporarily should be spread oil to store. It also should be avoid putting bearing together with acid, alkali chemicals and other corrosive substances.

Bearing should be avoided deformation and damage result from knocking and dropping during transportation.


Installation of bearings

Introduction: The shaft or hole should be bright and clean, without any steel sting, which also need be measured whether conform to the standard. We should clearly recognize the basic plane of bearing, the bearing that installed in the shaft is only allowed to force on the inner ring, and the bearing that installed in the hole is only allowed to force on the outer ring, the force should be homogeneously distributed around ring face's circle. In order to avoiding crooked and occlusive phenomena, don't knock the single face of bearing. When installing the bearing with surplus volume, we should adopt the method of preheating; the heating temperature is in the range between 90-100 degrees Celsius. We should especially pay attention to Double row spherical roller bearing and Single row tapered bearing, because the rib of inner ring is very thin and easy to be broken.

Inspection of bearing
Introduction: After installed, bearing should be flexible and no dull phenomenon. Furthermore, bearings have been inspected dimmesion and revolving accuracy before leaving factory so as to guarantee the quality. Maybe, you will find circle trace in both inner ring and outer ring, and the black color of ring chamfer, they were caused by quality assurance process and check method, which is normal and does not affect the product quality.

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